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Cocktail Catering Options


Cocktailkursus.dk is a sister company of Aloë Cocktail Bar and the leading provider of cocktail experiences in Denmark. If you are looking for a cocktail solution for your next party or event, Cocktailkursus.dk will help with just the tailored solution you are looking for.
Our customers have come to love us for our entertaining and different cocktail courses, which are always appreciated as teambuilding events for the whole company or as exciting features at a stag party.
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Party Catering

Do you and your guests want delicious cocktails for your party? Let our professional and experienced bartenders delight you with wonderful cocktails and a great mood. We’ll create the perfect foundation for a memorable party!

Our cocktails are based on homemade syrups that provide a unique tasting experience. Our bartenders are hand-picked from the Danish nightlife and we put an honor in providing great service every time we serve a drink.

We have a lot of experience in serving at everything from corporate parties to weddings and Christmas parties and we can definitely help you with your next event. When you book a solution at Cocktailkursus.dk you can rest assured that everything is under control. We provide everything from gear and decorations to service-minded bartenders and delicious ingredients.


Our cocktail solution includes

Our cocktail solutions include:
– Experienced and service-minded bartenders in white shirts and aprons
– Nice-looking bar modules
– A cocktail selection of up to ten cocktails
– Long drinks like for example Gin & Tonics, Cuba Libres, etc.
– A wide selection of alcohol
– Juices, purées, liquors, and syrups
– Fresh fruit and vegetables
– Different types of glasses
– Ice
– Menus
– Possibly draft beer

Contact Cocktailkursus.dk for a solution for your party on telephone: +45 71 99 01 74 or via email on [email protected]


Visit Cocktailkursus.dk

Visit Cocktailkursus.dk